5 Ways To Publish Outstanding Content On Your Law Blog

5 Ways To Publish Outstanding Content On Your Law Blog

legal bloggingWhen it comes to your law blog, there’s no doubt that you need excellent content. But how do you get there? Well, I’ve identified 5 ways you can publish outstanding content on your law or legal blog. Are you ready?

  1. Respond To A Legal Decision – Are you following a high-profile legal case? Does a particular case in your area of practice threaten the current status quo or potentially lead to new interpretations of the law? Discuss how the case can affect your clients. Don’t be afraid to get down to where the rubber meets the road.
  2. Comment On Recent Legal Developments – When you have a landmark legal decision, that’s the time when you want to get into the public discussion. Supreme Court decisions often provide a great opportunity to discuss justice issues. And you don’t just have to stick with majority opinions. Delve deep into the written commentaries of all the judges. You’ll often find that minority statements later on lead to rich conversations on areas of the law that new precedents don’t adequately address. This is your opportunity to highlight the law’s elasticity.
  3. Discuss Future Legal Trends – And that brings me to my next point. Make a prediction. How will new legal developments or landmark decisions affect the future practice of law? Will attorneys need to change how they argue in certain cases? Use Google Scholar to find court decisions and case law to back up your arguments. After all, the best predictor of the future is the past.
  4. Develop A Guest Blogger Program – Guest blogging has been talked about too much, but it’s still a viable way to get great content added to your blog. There is a new trend in paying bloggers, which can be a way to ensure you attract the best legal minds for your blog. Even if you don’t pay guest bloggers, you can invite other attorneys, judges, and legal experts to write a column for your law blog.
  5. Hire A Ghostwriter – You have to be careful with ghostwriters. Some writers will write the same content for several clients, or rewrite content from one blog to the next. Some are overly focused on search engine optimization. Use a ghostwriter who can do proper research and delve into the many nuances of the law. You want the absolute best content possible, which means you should focus on hiring the best writers.

As a lawyer, you have a job to do. You’re busy researching case law, meeting with clients, and running your business. You should take some time to write your blog too, but there’s nothing that says you can’t supplement your own content with premium content from a ghostwriter or guest bloggers. Deliver the best content for your readers and it will pay off.

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Allen Taylor
Allen Taylor
Allen Taylor is a freelance writer, content strategist, and award-winning journalist. He is the author of "E-book Publishing: Create Your Own Brand of Digital Books," available in the Kindle, ePub, iBooks, and PDF formats.

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