editing hire meFrom award-winning newspaper editor to content strategist, I’ve been involved in overseeing the production of great projects since the year 2000. Before that, I was involved in business management and sales on various levels. When you need a project manager who can ensure your content is accurate, clear, and published on time, Taylored Content will deliver professional results.

News Editing

As a veteran news editor, I can assign articles, oversee their completion, and match the news with the right image while keeping an eye on the deadline. I currently edit four niche news portals in the areas of alternative lending, automotive technology, the future of mobility, and augmented reality / artificial intelligence / computer vision.

My editorial skills include:

  • Ramping up quickly on key players and events in your industry
  • Analyzing events to determine newsworthiness
  • Assigning stories to staff and freelance writers
  • Managing relationships with writers, readers, and industry players
  • Receiving and acting on press releases and other over-the-transom submissions
  • Establishing and meeting deadlines
  • Ensuring content conforms to style and submission guidelines
  • Writing original content for publication
  • Seeing the publication process through from beginning to end

Book & E-book Editing

Books have always been my passion. I’ve read a ton. I’ve also authored one non-fiction book and a fiction novella, both of which are published. Another non-fiction book is currently in search of a publisher. Additionally, I’ve edited three fiction anthologies and a non-fiction e-book for a leading global management company.

As a book editor, I’ll take care of the following details:

  • Brainstorm the right topic for your book or e-book
  • Ghostwrite the content, if necessary
  • Organize your ideas effectively
  • Create a Table of Contents
  • Work with your cover artist to produce an effective book cover
  • Work with illustrators and other graphic artists as necessary
  • Ensure your book or e-book is formatted correctly for POD and all e-book formats while conforming to publisher, POD, and distributor guidelines
  • Interact with your POD platform, publisher, and distributor on your behalf

Other editing assignments I am available for include:

  • Content curation
  • Blog content management
  • Content strategist

Sample editing projects:

e-book ghostwriting projectRight Management hired me to edit an e-book they can offer as a free download on their website. In addition to re-purposing existing content for the e-book, I wrote some additional content, wrote the Table of Contents, and provided the introduction and conclusion for the e-book.

Since October 2016, I’ve edited the daily news digest for Lending Times, a news portal dedicated to the alternative lending niche. In addition to editing the Daily News Digest, I proofread, edit, and locate a suitable header image for original content provided by freelance writers. Occasionally, I write some original content of my own.

VisionAR editingI have also curated and edited news content for the news digest at VisionAR, providing a rollup of the most interesting news in the augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and computer vision niches. Additionally, I interviewed key players in those disciplines and wrote original analyses articles and published them.

I have performed editing functions in a number of other capacities, as well, including an e-book I am currently working on about alternative lending for Lending-Times.

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