Long Articles

long articlesShort articles have their place, but long articles convert better, achieve higher search engine rankings, and increase brand authority. But it isn’t enough to just write long articles. Your longer content must provide in-depth and valuable information for your target audience or you will lose trust. My background in content marketing and journalism is the perfect match for helping you produce valuable in-depth long-form content for your brand.

Types of Long Content

Long articles include anything over 1,000 words. I’ll help brainstorm ideas for your articles, perform keyword research, write outlines, conduct in-depth research, interview subject matter experts, organize content, and write your content to communicate your message clearly for your intended readers.

Whether ghostwriting or writing under my own byline, I’ll produce content that positions your brand as an authority in your niche. Typically, I share my bylines through my social media accounts. Types of long articles I can write for you include:

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