Brand Journalism & Reported Stories

Brand Journalism & Reported Stories

The 21st century and the rise of digital technology has made everyone a publisher. From simple blog posts to full-length books, everything you publish is a reflection of your brand. Brand journalism is the practice of using your brand image to publish, promote, and report the news that is happening in your industry and that is important to your customers.

While the format for such an enterprise can take on any number of faces, there is one common element that all brands need – Content.

A brand journalist takes his skills and expertise as a journalist and applies them to the corporate interests of the brand. Such a balancing act requires a strong sense of ethics, professional acumen, and strong communication skills.

Why Hire a Journalist to Represent Your Brand

award-winning brand journalist

Brand journalism from an award-winning newspaper editor.

As a newspaper editor a few years ago, I was honored by two state-wide press associations for my skill in writing headlines, editorials, columns, and news stories. Several of those were first place awards where I competed against other writers and editors all across the state of Texas. Additionally, the Dallas Bar Association recognized me three times for excellence in legal reporting.

Currently, I serve as editor of Lending-Times‘ daily news digests serving the growing alternative and marketplace lending niche. I curate that digest, and in the past I did the same for VisionAR, which focused on the latest developments where augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and computer vision technologies intersect. I’ve also edited a weekly digest for an automotive technology blog.

These experiences are valuable for any brand that wants to position itself as an authority in its niche through journalism. Reporting the latest news and developments for your industry tells your audience that you are a thought leader, have your pulse on the entire landscape affecting them, and that you understand their needs. The best person for delivering these benefits to your audience is someone who knows how to collect, analyze, and present information in a way that easily communicates the most important and relevant information your audience wants without being boring.

In addition to accolades for my journalism skills, I possess a bachelor of business administration degree in management from Northwood University, with magna cum laude distinction. I’ve been a freelance content marketing strategist since 2006.

Brand Journalism Services

Brand journalism consists of everything from writing articles that represent your brand to editing and curating the content. I can handle any part of that process for your brand, including:

  • Writing articles
  • Editing content
  • Curating content
  • Assigning articles to staff and freelancers
  • Managing relationships with staff and freelance writers
  • Securing images for publication
  • Interviewing sources
  • Performing deep research
  • Maintaining your content schedule
  • Promoting your publication through social media

And I can do it all while maintaining strict adherence to deadlines and your brand style. I can help you create a style guide and keep your brand publication on track. If necessary, I can write also press releases.