Case Studies

Case Studies

Case studies are the third most influential type of content and the third most read type of content for B2B decision makers. Case studies are powerful marketing tools because they illustrate that your product or service actually works. Prospective clients like to discover how others in similar situations approached a problem and solved it. A well-written case study does that better than any other type of content.

Popular Case Study Formats

You can publish case studies as e-books, website content, blog posts, email content, and through other media, as well. Case studies may be published in a variety of formats. Some popular case study formats include:

  • Interview format– Written as an interview, the case study writer asks a question and the case study subject answers it.
  • Success narratives – Success narratives tell stories. The case study defines a problem then tells, in narrative style, how the subject solved the problem. The purpose is to highlight the effectiveness of your product or service.
  • Lessons learned – Lessons learned case studies highlight what went wrong or what was learned by following a particular process or using a product or service. This format is effective for when you want to illustrate why a client should have used your product or service, or could have used it correctly.
  • Comparative studies – Comparative case studies showcase two subjects side by side so readers can compare them.
  • Problem/Solution – A problem/solution case study highlights a problem then shows the subject solving that problem. The difference between a problem/ solution case study and a success narrative is that the problem/solution case study is focused on the problem and solution whereas the narrative case study focuses more on the subject and how they used your product or service to solve their problem.
  • And more – Case studies are flexible and can be formatted any number of ways.

Take a look at a few of my case study writing samples:

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A good case study relies on the successful implementation of the interview. A strong subject can make for an interesting case study, but if you do not have a professional interviewer, someone who knows how to ask the right questions to draw out the most pertinent information, then any case study can fall on its face.

My background includes 10 years writing for the Web. Before that, I was a newspaper editor and award-winning journalist. I’ve won awards for headline writing, editorial writing, column writing, and news writing. Additionally, a prestigious big city lawyers association recognized me three times for excellence in legal reporting. My skills as an interviewer, creative story teller, and reporter are essential skills for a case study writer.

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