Press Releases

press release writerW      hen you want a top-notch press release that targets the editors whose attention will mean the earned media you crave, who better  to         write that release than a former newspaper editor?

As a newspaper editor, I made decisions every day about whether to print a press release, assign a story based on the release, or to ignore it altogether. I understand the thinking process an editor goes through in determining whether a story is newsworthy or not. Currently, I edit the daily news digest at Lending-Times and make the same decisions regarding press releases within the alternative lending niche. I can take my knowledge and experience with press releases and editorial decision-making and translate that into a press release that gets action.

My skills as an editor and reporter were frequently praised by industry colleagues and professional non-journalism associations. I’ve been recognized for my headline writing skills, news writing skills, and legal reporting skills.

My press release skills can be exercised for your business in the following niches: