How To Publish E-books In 8 Incredible Lessons

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How To Publish E-books In 8 Incredible Lessons

e-course on e-book publishing

One Amazon customer got this e-mail suggesting new e-books to purchase based on her past purchases.

Every writer has her own motivation. Every publisher has his. At the end of the day, I think we all just want to be recognized for our unique contributions to literature. Whether we write poetry, fiction, or nonfiction, we just want to be recognized.

Of course, there are different paths to glory.

Some writers get an agent and get their books published through traditional publishers. I don’t blame them. It would be quite a feeling knowing your book is on thousands of bookshelves all across the country. But advances are diminishing and e-book sales are rising even as more and more traditionally published authors are forced to do their own marketing. It just seems like the right time for a paradigm shift.

That’s why I’ve spent the last month-and-a-half putting together a crazy-long e-course on e-book publishing.

Allen, Is An E-course Really Necessary?

It’s kind of romantic when someone offers to hold your hand.

If you talk to some authors, there seems to be the impression that all you have to do is upload your Word document to Amazon and the sales will just start flooding in. Yeah, it’s not quite that simple.

Sure, uploading your document is a breeze, but that doesn’t mean anyone’s going to buy your e-book.

In this course, I cover all the important details of e-book publishing that aren’t typically covered in e-books about e-book publishing. In eight lengthy lessons, I’ll tell you

  • Why e-book publishing is on the rise
  • Whose responsible for e-book publishing’s meteoric lift off
  • Where the future of e-book publishing is headed
  • Who should publish e-books, and why
  • All about every detail you should consider when publishing an e-book, including book covers, editing, front matter and back matter
  • Four ways you can convert your book into a PDF document
  • Three ways to convert your book into the Kindle format
  • How to convert your book into the ePub format
  • Why you should sell directly through the Barnes & Noble and Kobo e-book stores, and how
  • Instructions for converting your book into the iBooks format
  • How to convert your book to iBooks using Mac software on your PC
  • Everything you need to know about e-book distributors, and even which one is the best one to use to get your book into public libraries and e-book subscription services
  • And a complete system for marketing your e-books

This is the most complete e-course on e-book publishing on the Internet, and it’s available to you right now at a 25% discount.

Why I Want To Hold Your Hand

e-book publishing e-courseIt’s kind of romantic, isn’t it? When someone offers to hold your hand. Well, I’m not trying to crawl up into your love nest, but I’d really like to hold your hand when I teach you how to publish e-books.

The reason I’m willing to hold your hand in this e-course is because publishing e-books isn’t as easy as everyone makes it out to be. Yes, some parts are easy. Other parts are as frustrating as trying to eat cake with Godzilla peeing down your back. I hope that doesn’t happen to you, but it could. So …

This e-course on e-book publishing doesn’t just give you information and leave you hanging. No Sirree!

At the end of each lesson you actually get a homework assignment. You send me your homework and I’ll give you feedback. Every week throughout the course I’ll tell you what you’re doing well, what you can improve upon, and give you actionable steps to take to improve your e-book publishing strategy. And you won’t get that anywhere else.

For eight full weeks, I’ll stand right alongside you and answer every single question you have about publishing e-books. I’ll give you straightforward answers based on my own experience and studying the market for the past five years.

Here’s a list of homework assignments for each week of this course:

  1. Week 1: Decide what you will convert into each of the e-book formats for this course. Choose a print book of yours, write a story, or just make something up. It’s only for practice, but you’ll get lots of practice!
  2. Week 2: Conduct market research on the best sellers in your genre. Make a list of tasks you plan to do yourself and a list of tasks you’ll outsource.
  3. Week 3: Convert your document into a PDF.
  4. Week 4: Convert your document into the Kindle format.
  5. Week 5: Convert your book into the ePub format.
  6. Week 6: Convert your book into the iBooks format or upload your ePub document to the Apple iBooks Store.
  7. Week 7: Upload your document to my recommended e-book distributor.
  8. Week 8: Make a marketing plan and start marketing.

Each week, I’ll be right here to answer any questions you have about each step of the process and to help you work out any SNAFUs. You will not be all alone or left to figure it out on your own like I was. You can shave off years of learning about publishing e-books by taking this course because it won’t be by trial and error, which is the way I had to do it. It will save you a load of time, and a bigger load of money.

So, come on, let me hold your hand.

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