Adam-headshotAllen has a natural gift for translating complex topics into language that a lay audience can grasp without sacrificing substance or clarity. He is a consummate professional and understands his value as a creative entrepreneur.

Adam Kosloff
Virtuoso Content

Legal content is a specialty niche you can’t trust to just any writer. You want someone who understands the nature of the legal system and can translate the language of the law into the language of your audience.

Legal Writing Qualifications

Alot of writers claim legal writing experience. I actually have it. Here are my credentials:

    • Award-winning newspaper editor
    • 3-time winner of the Stephen Philbin Award for Excellence in Legal Reporting
    • Regular contributor to AVVO’s NakedLaw Blog
    • More than 10,000 blog posts published since 2006
    • Writer, editor, and/or publisher of white papers, case studies, and e-books
    • Bachelor of Business Administration degree, magna cum laude
    • Skilled researcher and interviewer
    • Versatile communicator with a real interest in the law

In other words, I have a demonstrated proficiency with the written word in a variety of formats and can write about general or specific legal topics. Plus, I never miss a deadline.

Samples of my legal writing:

Types of Legal Content I Can Write For You

There are many different ways to reach your audience. Whether your law firm specializes in business law, consumer law, family law, medical malpractice, personal injury, or educational law, you need a writer who can learn quickly the needs of your prospects/customers and write in a language that they will understand. The types of content that have been effective in helping attorneys and law firms market their services are listed in the menu at the right. I can write these same types of content for you.

Of course, not all legal content is content about the law. If you are a legal services company, Taylored Content can write authority content for your firm in the legal industry.