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Allen Taylor freelance bloggerMore than 10,000 blog posts written since 2006

From ghostwriting to bylines, freelance blogger Allen Taylor (that’s me!) has written more than 10,000 blog posts since 2006. As a content production manager, I’ve edited more than 30,000 posts. While I’ve written about many different topics, these days I focus on FinTech, next-generation technologies, and digital marketing.

If you need content for your professional blog, I will put my award-winning journalism and professional research and writing skills to work for you to pen premium authority content you can be proud of.

Ghostwritten Blog Content

All blog content is 100% original and written with your audience in mind. My blog content is designed to present you as the authority in your niche. To that end, I will

  • Perform keyword research
  • Conduct in-depth topical research
  • Interview expert sources
  • Check all facts for accuracy
  • Write original, engaging content
  • Include optimized graphics
  • Craft attention-grabbing titles/headlines
  • Optimize your subtitles/subheadings
  • Write in a friendly blog style to meet your custom needs

If necessary, I will help you brainstorm ideas for blog posts based on the needs of your audience.

Sample blog posts:

Blog posts start at 300 words. You can order a single post or order in bulk. Call 717-253-2306 for a free no-obligation quote.

Bylined Blog Posts

M      y bylined blog posts are reserved for topics I’m truly passionate about. That includes FinTech, next-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and computer vision, Internet marketing, and legal topics.

Contact me or call me at 717-253-2306 to discuss my fees for bylined posts with or without an author bio.

Sample premium blog posts:

Guest Blogging

W      hether you want me to write a guest post for your blog under my name or you want me to ghostwrite a blog
post on your behalf, I’ll put the same time and energy into the project as I would any other.

You can position yourself as an expert in your niche and drive traffic back to your website by authoring posts on other blogs within your niche or blogs that target a crossover audience. My byline on your blog related to FinTech, online marketing, the law, digital publishing, or next-generation technology helps both of us, and you can be sure that I’ll provide 100% original, unique content that will be of interest to your readers.

Call me at 717-253-2306 or contact me to discuss guest blogging opportunities on your blog or to write a guest blog post for you.

Sample blog posts:

Blog Management

blog content managementIf you need someone to manage your blog content, there is no one better qualified. I’ve been managing blogs since 2006 and have logged into hundreds of professional WordPress blogs, written thousands of blog posts, edited thousands more, and managed staff and freelance writers from a distance. I’ve managed as many as 50 blogs at one time. I can manage yours too.

Blog content management services include:

  • Assigning articles to writers
  • Editing articles
  • Ensuring articles meet SEO and content quality guidelines
  • Installing and optimizing WordPress plugins
  • Meeting deadlines or publication
  • Fixing content errors
  • Finding suitable images for your blog posts
  • Tracking important keywords
  • Performing keyword research
  • Establishing your content calendar
  • Adhering to your brand’s content style guidelines
  • And more

I’ll ensure all of your blog content is written, edited, polished, optimized for search, shared on social media, and published daily, weekly, or according to your content schedule.

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