Writing and Editing Services

Independent Author Kevin KruseI had the pleasure of working with Allen on a project that involved taking my long-form content and re-crafting it so it would have maximum impact as shorter-form Internet pieces. Allen was easy to work with, and he nailed it.

I like to work with authors, creative entrepreneurs, and high-impact executives. I specialize in thought leadership content and information products that put your authority on display. These include:

Branding and Thought Leadership Assets

  • White papers and special reports – I’ll write and produce them.
  • Lead magnets – From checklists to e-books.
  • Long-form blog content – I plan, execute, and write your long-form blog content (1,000 words plus) to position you a thought leader.
  • Thought leadership articles – Articles you plan to publish on third-party websites or trade journals.
  • Books/E-books – I’ll help you develop the concept for your next book-length project starting with brainstorming ideas and outlining the concept to full-scale ghostwriting. If you need research into a topic, I can provide it. You need interviews with professionals subject matter experts? I can help with that. Looking to re-purpose existing content into a book or e-book? I’ve done that. I can ghostwrite, co-write, edit, or consult with you on writing and publishing your book or e-book, filling in where you need me most. Click here for more information on my turnkey executive ghostwriting service.
  • E-courses – I can structure your e-courses and write the content.
  • Infographics – I’ll work with a graphic artist to turn your knowledge into an easy-to-understand infographic.
  • Pitch decks – Working with a graphic artist, I’ll make your pitch deck or slideshow presentation appeal to potential partners, investors, or other prospects.

Authorial Services

  • Ghostwriting – I will outline and help you plan your next book and write the content that makes you a bona fide author.
  • Book editing – If you need someone to help you structure and organize your book more effectively and to point out ways to strengthen your book, my editorial services showcase my keen eye for detail.
  • Amazon author page – I can set up and write the content for your Amazon author page.
  • Book description – Your book needs an effective description that sells the benefits to your target audience. I can write that.
  • Back cover copy – Need a book synopsis or copy for your back cover? I can write it.
  • Meta data – Having trouble with your book’s meta data? I can help you choose the right categories, tags, and other meta data.
  • Introductions, Prefaces, and other internal content – Need an introduction or preface for your book? I can write the content that entices readers to read more.
  • Other services – What do you have in mind?

Editorial Services

  • Online publication editing – I’ll take my newspaper editing experience and turn it into an asset for your online publication.
  • Content management production – I can manage your staff of writers or keep the production flowing from your freelance writing team. If you need someone to serve as an interim content manager or content strategist, I can set up the structure for your organization including hiring writers and overseeing their production while you search for a full-time staff member.
  • Webinar moderation – Need someone to keep the flow of conversation going on your webinar? I’ll use my real-world journalism and moderation experience to make your webinar informative and entertaining for your audience.
  • Podcast/audio editing – Need an editor for your podcast? We can select your theme music, intro and outro, and edit the audio for your podcast production. We’ll edit any standalone audio or your ongoing podcast show.
  • Video editing – If you need someone to pull the pieces together for your video presentation, we can edit your standalone video or your ongoing YouTube channel content or other video productions.
  • Podcast host or co-host – Looking for someone to host or co-host your podcast? We can handle that too.

Is there a writing or editing service not listed above? Give me a shout. This list is not exhaustive.

I’ll take your knowledge and put it into written form.


There are three ways you can work with me

  1. I pick your brain – Through one-on-one interviews with you, I dig into your knowledge base and extract information to be presented as thought leadership articles, lead magnets, and other authority content that showcases your talents.
  2. You dump your brain – You record your thoughts in audio or write a rough draft and I can polish it for you.
  3. Deep research – You provide me a list of expert resources for research and I supplement that with resources I find on my own. I write your content, with or without citations, and you approve.

For maximum results, a mix of these is best.

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