Why I Wrote This Book

Why I Wrote This BookWho doesn’t dream of being an author? If more people knew how easy it is to write a book, get it published, and be recognized as the authority they already are, there would be more books to read. In this little booklet, I’ll teach you how you can be an a published author with your name on the cover of a book that people will rush to get their hands on. You’ll learn:

  • Why you should want to publish a book
  • Who can write a book
  • The benefits of being an author
  • The step-by-step process for getting a book written and into print
  • How easy it is to do it yourself
  • How you can get a book written and published even if you have no writing ability
  • What a ghostwriter is and when you should hire one
  • Why you should never publish a book without first hiring an editor
  • Famous authors who used ghostwriters
  • 5 strategies for writing a book without writing it yourself
  • And more!

It’s so easy to write a book, I wrote a book about it!

If you’ve ever thought about writing a book, “Why I Wrote This Book” will motivate you to get started right now. It will also show you how simple it is to write a book–even if you don’t know how to write.

If you are a business professional, executive, a subject matter expert, or someone with specialized knowledge–in essence, an authority on any topic under the sun–you should read “Why I Wrote This Book.” Being an author doesn’t make you an authority, but it can prove you are an authority–and that’s why I wrote this book!

Allen Taylor is an authority on writing and publishing. An author of several books, a ghostwriter for other book authors, and a veteran book editor, he can show you how to get started on your book right now. Download your FREE COPY of “Why I Wrote This Book” right now.