The Secrets of Successful Independent Book Authors

The Secrets to Successful Independent Book Authors

book author case studiesI’ve had the privilege, in the last few years, to interview several successful independent authors, and they’ve allowed me to pick their brains about how to succeed in the world of self-publishing. Each author has his or her own unique style of writing, their own successful book publishing niche, their own audience and platform, and their own ways of marketing their books. This collection of author case studies showcases 12 authors who share their secrets to success as an independent author.

Authors featured include:

  • A publisher of short Kindle books
  • A self-publisher who uses email marketing to sell thousands of titles
  • A freelance writer who also teaches other freelance writers how to succeed through ebooks
  • An author who takes his time focusing on high-quality books and publishes no more than one title per year
  • A single-niche author bent on dominating his niche with SEO and in-depth research
  • An author who built her reputation by becoming an authority on publishing
  • A successful author of only one book who uses it as her calling card
  • An academic book author not interested in being a best seller
  • A New York Times best selling author
  • A successful public speaker who uses his books to enhance his message
  • A side hustler with his own arsenal of independent books
  • A former airline pilot turned real estate investor who turned public speaking into an autobiographical tall tale

Each of these authors tell their process for writing and publishing, sharing tips for would-be independent authors ready to be the next self-publishing phenomenon. It could be you!