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Writing Across South Carolina

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If you’ve been following my business for the last couple of months, you know that my wife and I now live in a campervan and travel from one location to the next, connecting to wifi on the road, and managing my freelance writing business. Yes, I’m still writing for clients.

If you’re still wondering why we’d do such a thing, watch the video Breaking a Window on Freelance Writing and the introduction to our Youtube channel. A week and a half ago, I shared three videos of our travels across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and up to Savannah, Georgia. This week, I’ll share our travels in South Carolina.

The first video covers the South Carolina Sea Islands. We spent some time in Beaufort, South Carolina. I just know you’ll love this cultural excursion.

Beyond that, we hit up McClellanville and Georgetown. You’ll really like Georgetown. We did.

Once a month, I’ll share videos of our travels as we make our way through the U.S. visiting one small town after another, hanging out in historic districts, and filming beautiful scenes in small town America. I may be a freelance writer, but I’m not just a writer.