On The Road: Running My Freelance Writing Business From a Camper Van
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Freelance Writing From Louisiana to Savannah, Georgia
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Breaking a Window on Freelance Writing

breaking window on my business

I started my freelance writing business January 2006. It’s come a long way since then. But last year, during the pandemic, I realized it hadn’t changed much in at least seven years. So I decided to break a window.

I talked about it with my wife first. She didn’t want to do it. Then, about a year later, out of the blue, she said, “let’s do it!”

So we did it.

What did we do exactly? We got rid of everything we owned, except for a few clothes and what we needed to run a business, converted a Chevy Express into a campervan, and hit the road. I am now a roving freelance writer. The business is still running, the clients still get served, and we can travel and see the country (something I couldn’t do nailed down to my desk in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania for 15 years).

Watch the video. This is me explaining my reasoning for breaking a window.