Freelance Writing From Louisiana to Savannah, Georgia

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Freelance Writing From Louisiana to Savannah, Georgia

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Running a freelance writing business has its challenges. Writing itself has challenges, but when you add a business structure, marketing, and managing the finances of a business, that adds additional challenges. My wife and I, not content with the normal challenges of running a business and writing for clients, decided we wanted to create new challenges. So we took off from our home, sold or gave away everything we had, and moved into a campervan. We now travel the States running my freelance writing business and our joint Christian faith-based publishing company Crux Publications.

We explain our thought process behind the move in our introductory video.

Our YouTube channel is designed to give viewers an inside look at our travels as we make our way between Pennsylvania and Texas. In our videos, we share our perspective on small towns with a rich history. We have future plans to discuss the challenges we encounter in our lifestyle and discuss running a writing and publishing business while traveling. For now, I’d like to share three of our first videos and let you see where we’ve been as we’ve traveled between our two home stations.

Because I had a writing conference in Orlando, Florida in April this year, we left Texas in early April and meandered our way toward Florida. The first video showcases our time in Louisiana.

After crossing the Sabine River to Alexandria and across the state to southeastern Louisiana and the Mississippi River to Alabama, we bedded down in Mobile Bay, Alabama. This next videos shows us in Mobile Bay and Lake Talquin, Florida.

After leaving Orlando, we made our way north to Savannah, Georgia. This next video shows us in Savannah, touring the historic district. My wife loved Savannah so much we ended up going back there.

We’d love for you to join us in our future travels.

If you have any interest in small towns with rich histories, traveling, the van life, or watching people in campervans enjoy themselves, come along with us on the journey of a lifetime as we run my freelance writing business, write and publish books, and see the U.S. through new eyes.

Oh, and if you need a freelance writer with strong research and interviewing skills, look me up. Especially if you are in the fintech sector.