Authority Content for Executives and Busy Professionals

Some of the books and white papers I have written or ghostwritten.

Thought leadership content is designed to showcase your expertise, present you as an authority in the eyes of your audience, and propel your business to the next level. But what kind of authority content is right for you?

It depends on your personal and business goals.

  • Are you building your personal brand or launching a public speaking career? Maybe it’s time to write a book to showcase your expertise.

  • Are you a middle manager trying to work your way into the C-suite, or maybe you’re already a C-level mover and you’re ready to tackle a bigger challenge, branch out on your own, or move up the ladder within your current organization? A LinkedIn Pulse blog or thought leadership presence on a site like Forbes or might be what you need.

  • Maybe you just want to expand your influence within your industry. Trade journal articles are good for that.

  • A combination of different types of authority content and thought leadership assets could help you achieve your goals faster.

As an executive ghostwriter, my goal is to help you communicate your message more effectively to the right audience.

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Who Am I?

Allen Taylor writer

Allen Taylor

My name is Allen Taylor. I’ve been writing professionally for over two decades and have ghostwritten content for executives for almost half that time. I’ve authored a couple of nonfiction books, ghostwritten a couple of books for real estate executives, and recently secured a publishing contract for a book I’m writing on an emerging technology. I’ve also written more than 10,000 blog posts since 2006.

A former newspaper editor, I’ve won awards for news writing, editorial writing, feature writing, and am a three-time winner of a prestigious award for legal reporting from a major metro lawyers association. I’m well versed in writing sophisticated content for niche audiences as well as writing for a general audience.

I want to help you build your authority with well-written content that speaks your mind. I can work with you in three different ways:

  1. Interview you and write content using your own words

  2. Write from an audio recording you provide or clean up your written first drafts

  3. Use your recommended resources to research a topic and write about it from your perspective

Of course, a combination of these methods is usually the best approach.


Allen is my ‘go-to’ ghostwriter for books that need technical, financial, and legal expertise. Allen always delivers thoroughly researched facts and figures, along with a compelling narrative to create a captivating story that engages the reader. This level of technical skill and creative talent is tough to find in a writer, which is why Allen is my secret weapon for writing to a sophisticated audience.”

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