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Businesses, and Busy Professionals

You're an authority. I will write content that proves it. My focus is on thought leadership content for executives, entrepreneurs, and busy professionals.

Executives & Entrepreneurs

You're busy. You have a lot to say but don't have time to write. Finding a writer who can THINK LIKE A LEADER is extremely challenging. You need someone who can take YOUR IDEAS, polish them, put them in print, and maintain your voice. That's what I do.

Tech-based Companies

The ONE THING all tech companies need is great content. If you deliver services through breakthrough technology, I've got you covered. I've written for fintech companies almost exclusively since 2013 including real estate crowdfunding platforms, equity PR firms, SaaS companies, and more.

Busy Professionals

From real estate professionals to lawyers, I can turn your expertise into authoritative prose. I have REAL ESTATE INVESTING experience, have been recognized by a MAJOR METRO BAR ASSOCIATION for excellence in legal reporting, and I've written for accountants and other busy professionals.


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Ninety-nine percent of the things you believe are believed on authority.

C.S. Lewis

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  • Allen and his team are my 'go-to' ghostwriters for books that need technical, financial, and legal expertise. Allen always delivers thoroughly researched facts and figures, along with a compelling narrative to create a captivating story that engages the reader. This level of technical skill and creative talent is tough to find in a writer, which is why Allen is my secret weapon for writing to a sophisticated audience.
    Andrea Albright
    Beverly Hills Publishing
  • joni wolfswinkel
    Allen was diligent and focused in scheduling interviews to learn more about me so that he could effectively write my story. He was thorough and challenged me to think more deeply about my life while presenting the facts in straightforward prose and in my own voice. My book could not have come to fruition without his expertise.
    Joni Wolfswinkel
    Real Property Management Preferred
  • Jonathan Wooddin
    Allen writes insightful analyses of digital assets, diving deep into each use case, technical solutions, and fundamentals.  He has a clear and engaging writing style, and is knowledgeable on tech in general, not just the cryptosphere.  If you need top-notch content, then look no further.
  • Dominique Ingram Sharestates
    We have been working with Allen Taylor since 2016. His deep knowledge of the industry and FinTech nuances has been a valuable addition to our overall content strategy. Allen also really gets the importance of incorporating search engine optimization best practices, making his pieces a home-run every time. We can always expect the best from Taylored Content.
    Dominique Ingram
  • George Popescu Lending Times
    Allen is a fast learner with keen editorial insight. He jumped in with both feet running to manage the content for two specialty tech news digests. He quickly applied his knowledge of the English language and his journalistic sense to the alternative lending industry, learned who the key players are, and has improved upon my brand image. Likewise, he learned quickly what's happening in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry and took over key editorial tasks such as curating the daily and semi-daily news digests for both Lending-Times and Blockchain Times, interviews top leaders in their fields, and writes in-depth stories that provide my readers with need-to-know information and analysis on key issues affecting their businesses.
    George Popescu
    Lending Times
  • caroline melberg
    For more than five years, Allen Taylor has managed my blog and my newsletter. He is very knowledgeable about the strategies a small business can use to position themselves locally and globally for capturing business online. He is always reliable and the content is outstanding. He is also ready to take on additional work when I have it and always makes the process seamless. Plus, he is timely and responsive when there are issues to be dealt with.
    Caroline Melberg
    Small Business Mavericks
  • executive writer
    Allen Taylor is a talented professional who has become an integral part of my marketing strategy, researching and writing articles that consistently outperform my expectations. He quickly became familiar and knowledgeable with my subject, and I am more and more impressed with his articles every time. For a senior executive with a large workload, Allen is the content marketing production solution I would highly recommend to anyone exploring resources to make content marketing more efficient. You will be very impressed.
    Hector Botero
  • Independent Author Kevin Kruse
    I had the pleasure of working with Allen on a project that involved taking my long-form content and re-crafting it so it would have maximum impact as shorter-form Internet pieces. Allen was easy to work with, and he nailed it.
    Kevin Kruse
    The New York Times best seller
  • It’s obvious that Allen understands his craft deeply. He has a natural gift for translating complex topics into language that a lay audience can grasp without sacrificing substance or clarity. He is a consummate professional, and I appreciate that he respects what he does and understands his value as a creative entrepreneur.
    Adam Kosloff
    Virtuoso Content