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Welcome to the online home of boutique freelance writer and journalist Allen Taylor.

My tenure as a writer has spanned from pure news and feature writing to technical editing, blog management, and online content. You can learn more about my background on my About page.

As a writer, editor, and publisher, I have a passion for three things:

  • Clear, concise, and accurate communication
  • Helping clients produce high-impact authority content
  • Producing digital publications that educate, inform, and entertain

Experienced Multi-Format Copywriter

Content comes in many forms. I specialize in creative content that communicates with clarity and passion. Whether we’re talking about website content, a blog post, hard news, or fiction, my prose is creative, technical, and written with a well-defined audience in mind.

While I can write content for a wider variety of niches, I like to work with legal professionals, news agencies, PR pros, authors, and independent publishers.

Award-Winning Editor

professional editor

I served as editor-in-chief of a community newspaper from August 2000-July 2004.

We live in an age of independent publishing. Anyone can write and publish a book, an article, or a manuscript of any length on their own terms. However, no one should put a manuscript to final rest without first ensuring it is of the highest quality. That’s where hiring a good editor comes in.

I’ll put my editorial eye to good use for your fiction or nonfiction. Whether you need someone to look over your blog post, article, or book, I’ll give my best editorial recommendations based on my diverse experience and strong editing skills.

You can check out my editing skills by subscribing to The Content Letter, where I curate high value content weekly and share my views on diverse topics relevant to publishers and content producers of all kinds.

Digital Publisher and Literary Agent

In today’s fast-paced Internet environment everyone is a publisher. If you are a blogger, you’re a publisher. If you write and sell print or electronic books, you’re a publisher. If you send out a newsletter, then you are a publisher. If you produce content in any form, you’re a publisher.

As an independent publisher with experience in blogging, writing and publishing fiction and nonfiction, editing and distributing newsletters, and producing and marketing e-books, I can assist you in making your publishing endeavor a success by overseeing key details in the process, acting as your consultant, or filling in where you need a helping hand.

As a digital literary agent, I can assist you in taking your fiction or nonfiction e-books to press, writing your marketing collateral and book descriptions, and helping you promote your books online.

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