How to Become an Authority In Your Niche

niche authorityW      hen it comes to marketing, the most important thing is presenting yourself as a niche authority that can be trusted. There’s only     one thing that can do that:


Let me be the crafter of the content that propels you to niche stardom.

In order to focus on delivering the highest quality content for every client, I have narrowed my focus to the following niches.


crowdfunding articlesFrom crowdfunding to marketplace lending, I’ll make your content shine. I’ll write your crowdfunding landing pages, blog posts, and other support materials, including press releases, white papers and special reports, product or service descriptions, and case studies.

Writing Samples:


excellence in legal reportingThe Dallas Bar Association has recognized me three times for excellence in legal reporting.

Get your law blog posts, trade journal articles, client case studies, e-books, and special reports written by a professional journalist with in-depth reporting and interviewing experience. Whether ghostwritten or penned under my own byline, my insightful content will make your blog, website, and other digital publishing products stand out. You’ll be the authority in your legal niche.

Writing Samples:

Internet Marketing

blog post writerSince 2006, I’ve been managing online businesses, employing Internet marketing tactics and writing about them, and using the tools successful Internet marketers use in their businesses. With more than 10,000 blog posts under my belt, I have become an everyday user of WordPress and am familiar with SEO and social media marketing best practices. I have played around with almost every online marketing tactic and written about most of them.

Writing Samples:

Independent Publishing

digital publishingI don’t just write about independent publishing. I own a digital publishing company and publish print books and e-books independently. You’ll find my titles at Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Nobles, Apple iBooks Store, and Smashwords. I’m also the author-publisher of “E-book Publishing: Create Your Own Brand of Digital Books“.

While e-books are an important aspect of my business focus, my writing goes well beyond Kindle and Nook experiences and into all kinds of digital publishing.

Writing Samples:


ghostwritingThe surest way to prove yourself an authority in your niche is to become an author. If you can’t write your own content or don’t have the time to write articles, blog posts, e-books, and other authority content, you can leverage your time by having me write the content for you and put your name on it.

Writing Samples:

* I’ve written multiple articles for Hector Botero on Crowdfunding. I love to write for executives.

Social Media Assistance

All content I write is original, unique, and designed to position you as an authority in your niche. My research and interviewing skills are top-notch and ready to be put to use for your professional reputation enhancement. I can ghostwrite your content or write under my own byline. Either way, you get top quality premium content all around.

Every article I write under my own name is pushed out to my Twitter stream, posted to my LinkedIn portfolio, and shared on my Facebook page. I may also share some content on Google+ and Pinterest.

I aim to provide the best premium content writing service on the Internet. Call me to learn more.

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