Books & E-books

e-book writer and editorNon-fiction book authors have many more options than ever before. Thanks to Web marketing practices, business professionals can publish their own books, sell them to their niche audiences, and establish themselves as authorities on the subjects they write about.

In 2011, Amazon announced that the sale of e-books outsold print books on its website. According to Author Earnings, independent authors captured 37% of the e-book market share in October 2016 compared to 24% for authors published by one of the big five publishers and 18% for authors published by small or medium publishing houses. When print books are added to the mix, independent authors sell nearly as many print books as debut authors with large, medium, or small publishing houses, and way more e-books than both combined. Many of those authors are non-fiction authors.

Whether you are a global management consultant or a startup entrepreneur, you can package your body of knowledge in a book, use that book as your calling card, turn it into a sideline income, and increase the perception that you are the go-to authority in your niche.

Get Your Book/E-book Published

There are 5 ways I can assist you in writing and publishing a book or an e-book to help you reach more of your audience:

  1. Ghostwriting – I’ve been ghostwriting for business professionals since 2006. Among my clients have been an equity crowdfunding executive, a Forbes contributor, a high-profile tech journalist, a global talent management consulting firm, and many small business owners.
  2. Editing – My background as a newspaper editor can be put to use as your book editor. Plus, I’ve edited both fiction and non-fiction books including one for a major global talent management enterprise.
  3. Research and Organization – Book content and structure are intrinsically tied together. I can put my years of experience in organizing information, writing tables of content, and research to work for you. Your ideas will shine with the proper organization.
  4. Publishing – Whether you intend to use POD services, publish only in digital format, or publish both in print and as an e-book, I can guide you to the right resources to help you reach your publishing goals.
  5. Distribution – Amazon is the largest seller of both print books and e-books, but many independent publishers do well distributing their books to their audiences through their own distribution channels. I can consult with you on the best way to reach your audience.

As an author, I’ve had my hand in writing, editing, and publishing both print books and e-books. Let me put my experience to work for you.

Sample E-book Projects:

e-book ghostwriting projectThis e-book project consisted of re-purposing existing blog content, organizing it into chapters, and writing original content as introductions for each piece and as chapter introductions. I also wrote an introduction and a conclusion for the e-book itself.

e-book writer and editorIn addition to editing several fiction anthologies and writing a nonfiction novella, I’ve written and published a non-fiction book on e-book publishing. The book is available in PDF, ePub, and for the Kindle. Learn more about E-book Publishing: Create Your Own Brand of Digital Books.