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W      hite papers are the most influential type of content and the second most read type of content for B2B decision makers. There are five reasons why this is true for your technology business:

  1. White papers provide an objective analysis of a common problem facing businesses in a particular niche.
  2. White papers are written by subject matter experts or highly skilled journalists who have acquired a volume of knowledge on the topic they are writing about.
  3. White papers quote the sources they use for information to add credibility to their perspective.
  4. White papers do not come across as sales pitches.
  5. White papers are short enough to read in one session but deep enough to give B2B decision makers something to think about in order to make an informed buying decision. For B2C decision makers, special reports accomplish the same goal.

Due to the nature of white paper content, you can’t afford to trust the creation process to an amateur. You need a strong writer with strong research and interviewing skills. Taylored Content LLC has them.

Why We’re The Right White Paper Writers for You

white paper coverAllen Taylor’s background in journalism is the best asset you have. With industry awards from two leading press associations for headline writing, editorial writing, column writing, and news writing, he’s got the research and writing chops to deliver your white paper on time and with the right target in mind.

Additionally, Allen Taylor has been recognized by the Dallas Bar Association three times for excellence in legal reporting. His academic credentials include magna cum laude distinction with an undergraduate degree in business administration. In other words, he has a long and successful track record researching, collating, organizing, analyzing, and communicating meaningful information to the right audience. He can do the same for your technology business.

Allen’s keen editorial and critical judgment ensures each white paper is written to the best professional standards.

What Is a Special Report?

Technically, there is little difference between a white paper and a special report. You could say they are synonymous terms. However, white papers usually serve B2B audiences whereas special reports are typically targeted at B2C clients. Nevertheless, they both achieve the same results:

  1. More leads for your technology business
  2. Each establishes your company as an authority and a thought leader
  3. Close sales faster

When it comes to authority content, a white paper or special report is essential for technology companies because they are easy to read and go deep enough into a topic to provide food for thought while leading the reader to contact you and get the sales cycle started.

Sample white papers and special reports:

research report“Diversify Your Investment Portfolio” was written for a real estate crowdfunding platform with high standing among its peers. Since publication, they’ve requested other special content projects, and continue to request more.

“7 Types of Authority Content” is a free download at Taylored Content LLC. If you want to know what kind of content can make you an authority, download and read this special report on authority content–written by Allen Taylor, chief content writer and proprietor of Taylored Content LLC.