E-book Publishing: Create Your Own Brand of Digital Books

Hello Fellow Writer/Entrepreneur,

I‘m on a mission to help as many writers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs as possible expand their authority by becoming independently published authors. That’s why I wrote the most extensive e-book to date on e-book self-publishing, titled,

e-book publishing digital books brand“E-book Publishing: Create Your Own Brand of Digital Books”.

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The most thorough self-publishing guide anywhere” is not just a tagline full of empty promises. I’ve been watching the rise of e-book publishing since Amazon introduced the Kindle in 2007. I’ve watched the early adopters go on to huge success, and I’ve read the stories of how they rose from total obscurity to international superstar. I’ve admired such pioneers as John Locke, Amanda Hocking, J.A. Konrath, and Joanna Penn, all of whom have become successful independent authors selling their fiction by the boatloads. But can you name one independent nonfiction sensation?

Me neither.

The most thorough self-publishing guide anywhere

Okay, Seth Godin comes to mind. But he achieved success long before the e-book revolution. And then there’s Guy Kawasaki, who parlayed a successful career as a Mac evangelist into his own author brand. Even Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant made their mark first as Internet marketers before turning to selling fiction wrapped as e-books, then they turned to writing and publishing nonfiction e-books.

Most self-published nonfiction authors make their mark selling print books (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I’d like to change that.

How My Book Is Different Than Your Average Book on E-book Self-Publishing

Most books on the subject of e-book publishing fall into two categories. They’re either written by successful independent authors who hire someone to do the technical work of creating the e-books or they are written by self-publishing gurus who focus entirely on e-book creation. My e-book compiles the best of both worlds and leaves out the fluff.

The drawback to the first type of e-book is the author really doesn’t know much about the technical side of creating e-books. They’re good at writing and marketing, but someone else does the grunt work.

With the second type of e-book, you get nothing on marketing, writing book descriptions and metadata, and very little on how to run your independent author platform like a publishing business. While there are books that will teach you how to price your e-books, that’s about as far as they go into the actual nuts and bolts of the independent publishing business.

I will teach you all of that AND MORE!

Here’s a breakdown of the chapters and what you’ll learn in E-book Publishing: Create Your Own Brand of Digital Books:

  • Chapter 1: Why You Want to Publish an E-book — Not all writers and business leaders have come around to digital publishing. If you’re not sure yet about e-book publishing’s future, this chapter will set you straight on the latest trends and how the landscape looks for the future of e-book publishing.
  • Chapter 2: An Overview of the Publishing Process — If you’ve never published a book before, this chapter will give you the primer on what is involved in the process. You’ll learn what parts of the process to focus on, what the elements of a good book are, and which parts of the process will cost you the most money on production.
  • Chapter 3: PDF Books — The ins and outs of publishing in the PDF format, including the 4 methods of PDF conversion and the one I recommend the most.
  • Chapter 4: Amazon Kindle — How to publish your books to the Amazon Kindle, with step-by-step instructions for converting your e-book into the Mobi format for selling Kindle books on your website.
  • Chapter 5: ePub Formats — A focus on which e-book stores sell in the ePub format and step-by-step instructions for creating e-books at each of those bookstores.
  • Chapter 6: iBooks Format – How to create books in the iBooks format, including how to create iBooks using Mac software on your PC. You won’t find this information anywhere else.
  • Chapter 7: E-book Distributors — You’ll learn about the various e-book distributors, how to choose the one right for you, how to distribute your books to libraries and subscription services, and much more.
  • Chapter 8: Marketing Your E-books — The lowdown on marketing best practices.
  • Chapter 9: E-book Pricing Strategies — A look at the popular e-book pricing strategies and how you can learn to price your e-books optimally based on the size of your audience.
  • Chapter 10: Running a Digital Press — Have a desire to publish and sell e-books by other authors? I’ll teach you how to start a digital publishing company, where to find writers interested in publishing with you, and even how to set up your author-publisher royalty deals.

This book is for anyone who would like to establish themselves as an authority in their business niche, build a successful career as a nonfiction author of e-books, and writers who want to share their knowledge of a particular subject area and don’t mind performing the technical task of creating their own e-books.

I think you’ll agree that most of this information is not available anywhere else, and you certainly won’t find it all in one place.