editing hire meContent editing is a completely different skill than content writing. For your benefit, Allen Taylor and Taylored Content LLC can do both.

Allen Taylor has been involved in writing, editing, and publishing various projects for over two decades and full-time since 2006. His diverse background in writing, editing, publishing, sales and marketing, the military, and business management makes him uniquely qualified to oversee any complex editing project from news publications to e-book publishing. When you need a project manager who can ensure your content is accurate, clear, and published on time, Taylored Content LLC will deliver professional results.

Our full-scale editing services include the following:

Below is a summary of each of these editing services. For a fuller description, click one of the above links.

News Editing & Curating

News curation involves using already published third-party content to create a new niche publishing product that delivers the latest news on a given topic. Allen Taylor currently curates two niche publications: Lending Times and Blockchain Times.

Editing is a unique skill that involves staying current on industry events and key players, analyzing the news to determine what is relevant, assigning stories to writers, managing relationships with readers, writers, and key industry players, establishing and meeting deadlines, ensuring content conforms to editorial guidelines, and seeing publication through to the end.

Taylored Content LLC has experience and skill in each of these editorial core competencies. Click here for more information.

Book and E-book Editing

As a book and e-book editor, we’ll brainstorm topics, ghostwrite content, organize your ideas, create the Table of Contents, work with your cover artist and other graphic artists, ensure your book or e-book is formatted properly, and more.

Learn more about our book and e-book editing services and see samples of our work.

Blog Content Management

Allen Taylor has written, edited, and published more than 30,000 blog posts since 2006. No one understands blog content better. Taylored Content LLC can ensure your technology blog is managed properly with original blog content that represents your brand.

Learn more about our blog management services.