5 Ways to Promote Your Book or Business Without Using Social Media

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5 Ways to Promote Your Book or Business Without Using Social Media

business or book promotionEveryone these days wants to be on social media. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it can suck you in and waste your time if you aren’t disciplined enough to shun the distractions. Here are five ways to promote your non-fiction book or your business without social media.

  1. A press release – The trick to using a press release effectively is to tie your book or business into a recent event. It’s political season. Can you tie it into the election in some way? If not, or if you are afraid of broaching the topic of politics with your customers (a valid concern), then look in another direction. This week is St. Patrick’s Day. Is there a tie-in? You might have to think creatively, but if you can tie your book or business event into a hot item in the news, then you may be able to parlay that news item into a little free publicity.
  2. Advertise – There’s nothing wrong with free publicity, but everybody wants it. In fact, there is so much competition for free publicity that not everyone can get it (even if they deserve it). There is much less competition for paid advertising, and, if done right, it still works.
  3. Article marketing – In the old days of article marketing (before the Internet), professionals would write an article and send it to a trade journal or a magazine. If published, their byline and bio served as free promotion for their business. Then, along came the World Wide Web and article directories popped up left and right. Most of them were killed by a Google algorithm, but you can still market your business with well-placed and well-written articles. Trade journals and magazines are still good places to get published offline. Online, send your articles to blogs that serve the same audience as yours, or try to get into a niche web portal or news source online that covers your industry. If possible, try to get paid for your article.
  4. Hire a mascot – A mascot can do wonders for your promotional efforts, but it has to make sense for your business. If you are a dentist, hire someone to wear a costume shaped like a tooth and stand outside your business with a sign. It draws attention to your business so that passersby will think of you the next time they need a checkup. If you’re an auto mechanic, have your mascot dress up as a wrench instead. Even non-fiction authors can use this tactic. Tie your mascot image into the theme of your non-fiction book. Take the mascot to readings and book signings.
  5. Host a party or business event – Non-fiction book authors often throw book launch parties. Businesses can do the same thing. Have a grand opening, or host an event around a holiday. Be sure to tie your party theme into the season or holiday. It will be much more successful.

The great news about these promotional tactics is that you can use them simultaneously and in conjunction with each other. Host a party around Memorial Day, hire a mascot, and promote your event with advertising, articles, and a press release. There is nothing that says you have to promote your business or non-fiction book using only one tactic. Use multiple tactics that support each other.

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