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Who Benefits From Case Studies?

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Case studies are a form of story marketing. They provide a chance for an individual or a company to tell their story, a customer story, or a part of an larger narrative. But who benefits?

When it comes to case studies, a lot of people can benefit from reading, writing, and publishing them. For instance, I’ve been writing case studies for a legal publishing company since January this year. It’s been very educational for me. The topics on which the case studies are written are on digital marketing topics, but I learn just as much from interviewing attorneys on their marketing practices as I’ve ever learned doing it myself or reading a book from a top-tier marketing expert. Writers benefit from case studies.

How Case Study Subjects Benefit

The attorneys, or subjects of the case studies, benefit too. Usually, they gain a little extra exposure for their business, and typically to a market segment they might not otherwise be familiar with.

How Publishers Benefit From Case Studies

The publisher, of course, benefits, as well. After all, he’s paying good money for the case studies. When he gets a good one, he can sell it and benefit financially. Case studies are powerful marketing tools, so if you can turn one into a marketable product, you’ve got yourself a business asset.

The Ultimate Beneficiary

Ultimately, the person who stands to benefit the most from a case study is the end user. A good case study shares insights into a particular aspect of your business that can help someone else in theirs. It doesn’t matter what business niche you serve, there are opportunities for you to write and publish case studies that can help a lot of people.

Get Or Join A Case Study

I‘ve recently started sharing an ongoing case study with my e-mail newsletter recipients. The case study details how I started my publishing company, Garden Gnome Publications, and the many twists and turns I’ve taken to solicit submissions for my digital products, produce those products, and send them to market. I’ll share everything about my journey as an independent publisher in my newsletter in the coming weeks and months. I encourage you to sign up. Just fill out the opt-in form in the sidebar on the right.

NOTE: If you do sign up to receive my newsletter, I’ll send you the first lesson of my e-course “Blog Marketing for Writers” for free.

Also, if you are an attorney and you’ve been successful with a particular marketing practice, particularly in generating leads for your law firm, then I’d like to interview you. Solo attorneys and attorneys with small law firms can apply here.

If you are a business owner or manager of a business and you are interested in learning how you and your customers might benefit from a case study, contact me at 717-557-8677 to discuss what a case study can do for your business.

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