news editing

From award-winning newspaper editor to content strategist, I’ve been involved in overseeing the production of great projects since the year 2000. Before that, I was involved in business management and sales on various levels. When you need a project manager who can ensure your content is accurate, clear, and published on time, Taylored Content will deliver professional results.

News Editing

As a veteran news editor, I can assign articles, oversee their completion, and match the news with the right image while keeping an eye on the deadline. I currently edit four niche news portals in the areas of alternative lending, automotive technology, the future of mobility, and augmented reality / artificial intelligence / computer vision.

My editorial skills include:

  • Ramping up quickly on key players and events in your industry
  • Analyzing events to determine newsworthiness
  • Assigning stories to staff and freelance writers
  • Managing relationships with writers, readers, and industry players
  • Receiving and acting on press releases and other over-the-transom submissions
  • Establishing and meeting deadlines
  • Ensuring content conforms to style and submission guidelines
  • Writing original content for publication
  • Seeing the publication process through from beginning to end

Book & E-book Editing

Book have always been my passion. I’ve read a ton. I’ve also authored one non-fiction book and a fiction novella, both of which were self-published. Another non-fiction book is currently in search of a publisher. Additionally, I’ve edited three fiction anthologies and a non-fiction e-book for a leading global management company.

As a book editor, I’ll take care of the following details:

  • Brainstorm the right topic for your book or e-book
  • Ghostwrite the content, if necessary
  • Organize your ideas effectively
  • Create a Table of Contents
  • Work with your cover artist to produce an effective book cover
  • Work with illustrators and other graphic artists as necessary
  • Ensure your book or e-book is formatted correctly for POD and all e-book formats while conforming to publisher, POD, and distributor guidelines
  • Interact with your POD platform, publisher, and distributor on your behalf

Other editing assignments I am available for include:

  • Content curation
  • Blog content management
  • Content strategist

Sample editing projects:

e-book ghostwriting projectRight Management hired me to edit an e-book they can offer as a free download on their website. In addition to re-purposing existing content for the e-book, I wrote some additional content, wrote the Table of Contents, and provided the introduction and conclusion for the e-book.

Since October 2016, I’ve edited the daily news digest for Lending Times, a news portal dedicated to the alternative lending niche. In addition to editing the Daily News Digest, I proofread, edit, and locate a suitable header image for original content provided by freelance writers. Occasionally, I write some original content of my own.

Two to three times a week, I curated and edited news content for the news digest at VisionAR, providing a rollup of the most interesting news in the augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and computer vision niches. I also interviewed key players in those disciplines and wrote original analyses articles and publish them. I did this until I shifted all of my attention to Lending-Times.

content curationCurating content is a skill in itself. It is the process of collecting, organizing, analyzing, and presenting useful content on a particular topic for a specific niche audience. It may also include the creation of original content or the integration of original content with the curated content.

The format or media used for curation can vary. Content curation can take place through the following delivery systems:

  • E-mail
  • Blog
  • Social media
  • Static website
  • Video
  • Podcast
  • Or more

Content Curation Experience

The key to successful content curation is to provide value to the right audience for that content. For two years, I curated The Content Letter, a newsletter I published and sent to subscribers interested in information about business, science, technology, art & culture, and a variety of other topics. I have served as editor or assistant editor in the content curation for the following websites.

  • Lending-Times – serves the alternative lending sector.
  • VisionAR – content centered around the intersection between augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and computer vision.
  • Autoconverse – Curated content on the future of mobility.
  • Autoconversion – Focused on automotive technology and marketing topics.

Hire a Content Curator Today

W      hen you hire me to be your content curator, I’ll ensure the highest quality and most relevant content about your topic reaches your intended audience. I’ll ensure the delivery of the following curated benefits:

  • Follow your keywords on Google Alerts
  • Subscribe to the most important news sources
  • Gather up the best information on your topic
  • Organize your information around relevant sub-topics
  • Analyze each piece of content for relevance, importance, and value to your audience
  • Edit content as necessary
  • Write original content for your niche
  • Publish curated content while meeting your deadlines

I’ll do all of this while ensuring your content meets your brand style and the needs and interests of your audience. Whether your content is curated daily, weekly, or monthly, I’ll handle the entire process from beginning to end.