3 Ways to Work With a Ghostwriter to Write Your Book

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3 Ways to Work With a Ghostwriter to Write Your Book

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If you’re like most people, you’ve dreamed about or thought about writing a book. And if you’re a business professional, you’ve got a book in you to write. Chances are, you have some expertise that you can share with your audience to make your book a valuable information product.

Writing a book isn’t hard, but there are challenges. For most executives, time is a factor. When do you have the time to write?

If time is an obstacle for you, there is still a way to get your book written and into the marketplace. You can hire a ghostwriter to help you develop the concept, write your outline, perform research for the book, and to write the book in your own voice and in your own words. Here are three ways to work with a ghostwriter to see your book come to fruition.

  1. Dump your brain – The first way to work with a ghostwriter to get your book written is to dump your brain. You simply speak your thoughts into an audio recorder or write your ideas down so that your ghostwriter can sort through them, organize them, and communicate them effectively. This method works when you and your ghostwriter can’t sync your time for interviews.
  2. Pick your brain – A better way is to have your ghostwriter interview you. This way, your ghostwriter can hear what you say, how you say it, and ask specific questions designed to draw out answers that you might not think of on your own using the “dump your brain” approach. You’ll get a much better book this way if you can make the time for interviews. Your ghostwriter should record the interview and have the interviews transcribed so that he can work from that transcript. If interviewing you isn’t possible, your ghostwriter can send you a list of questions through email and you can answer them that way.
  3. Deep research – If your book is a high-impact information product that relies on using third-party information and authoritative research sources, your ghostwriter can conduct the research for you using resources you provide along with resources they find on their own. Some input from you would still be necessary to flesh out your ideas throughout the book.

Ideally, you would incorporate some of each of these methods as you work with your ghostwriter to complete your book manuscript.

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