Cryptocurrency: Why 100 Is My Favorite Number for 2020

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Cryptocurrency: Why 100 Is My Favorite Number for 2020

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The whole world is watching Bitcoin right now. Several analysts are looking at the technical trends and noting similarities between November 2018 when the price slumped to $3,000, or questioning whether the bearish trend will continue for a longer duration. Some are suggesting the market is turning bullish. And yet others are looking at next year’s halvening as evidence of an expectant bull market much like 2017. What will actually happen is anyone’s guess.

I don’t consider myself a crypto enthusiast as much as I do a journalist and content curator, although I’m somewhat of an enthusiast. I hold some bitcoin, and several altcoins. I’m also active on more than one blockchain-based social platform. I’m enthused about that.

But what I want to talk about today is the number 100. It’s an important number for me personally, and for you if you’re into keeping up with the latest news and analysis in the world of cryptocurrency. You see, to keep a long story short, I’ve decided that January is the time to kick off a new publishing project focused entirely on crypto, and I’ve chosen Substack to be the platform.

Meet Cryptocracy: My New Publishing Venture

If you’re not familiar with Substack, it’s essentially a newsletter publishing platform. A very simple one. But how complex does it need to be? You set up a newsletter, start promoting it, collect subscribers, and publish. It does everything a newsletter publisher would expect it to do. And that’s why I’ve chosen it for my new newsletter titled Cryptocracy.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Here’s where the number 100 comes in: I’m not going to start publishing until I get 100 subscribers. And, the clock ticks one minute after midnight 2020.

Why 100?

That’s a good question, so thank you for asking.

My ultimate goal with Cryptocracy is to deliver the best news and analysis of the day to my subscribers. As curator, I’ll scour the web for the best crypto-related news and most interesting analysis each day. To do this effectively, I’ll have to spend two to four hours a day reading the news and analyzing the analysts to pick the best stories for readers on each topic. Because I’ll have to spend considerable time putting together a good read each day, I think it’s fair to ask for compensation for that time. Don’t you?

Substack allows newsletter publishers the ability to charge subscription fees. The minimum is $5/month, and I’ve opted for that as my subscription fee out of the gate. However, and this is important, you’ll still be able to read two posts per week without paying the subscription fee. To get the full benefit of my publishing efforts, however, and access to the very best content, you’ll need to pay the $5/month.

The best part is this: You can sign up today with no obligation to pay a thing. All you have to do is go to the Cryptocracy landing page and enter your email address. When I start publishing, you’ll be notified and given the opportunity to subscribe at that time. If you don’t want the full benefit of the newsletter, do nothing and you’ll still be able to read two posts per week completely free. How cool is that?

Why You Should Listen To Me

All of this is well and good, but there are a ton of newsletters about cryptocurrency already. Why do we need another one? Again, good question.

Regular readers of mine know the value I bring to the table. I’ve been active on Steemit for a year-and-a-half and on Narrative for most of this year. Furthermore, I’m the editor of two niche online publications, Lending Times and Blockchain Times. Prior to starting my freelance writing business, I was a newspaper editor and award-winning journalist. In that capacity, I won three awards from the Dallas Bar Association for excellence in legal reporting. I’ve been writing about fintech topics and cryptocurrencies for the last three years, so much that it’s become my specialty. In other words, I’m no slouch.

I’m not only well-versed in the topic, but my writing skills are among the best. My analytical skills, my deep reporting ability, my sense of humor, and my keen insight into complex topics make me a unique, one-of-a-kind authority on matters of reporting on any topic. It just so happens that cryptocurrency is a topic of interest.

In essence, what I’m saying is this: Cryptocracy isn’t going to be just another crypto-related newsletter. If it was, I wouldn’t charge $5/month for it.

Rather, my goal is to give you–in addition to the deep daily content on cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects–valuable, original content you can’t get anywhere else. I’ll interview key players in the space, provide my own analysis when I feel qualified, and I’m even considering paying top experts in the field to publish their unique analyses exclusively in Cryptocracy. No ordinary newsletter is going to do that.

I hope you see the value in what I’m offering here. If you do, I’d love for you to sign up for my newsletter. When I get 100 people to sign up, and after the calendar has flipped to 2020, I’ll start cranking out the content. If you want it sooner, sign up with no obligation right now. I promise not to let you down.

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