E-Book Publishing: It’s Time To Go Out On Your Own

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E-Book Publishing: It’s Time To Go Out On Your Own

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Becoming an author is one of life’s most enduring achievements. It’s a good feeling to see your name on the cover of a book. Whether you self-publish or go the traditional route, authorship is truly a grand achievement, and it’s one worth pursuing. If you’re thinking about it, now’s the time to take the plunge.

Here’s A Snapshot Of My Journey To Author Status

It’s been a very exciting couple of weeks here. Carol Tice made a big splash with the debut of her new book, “Start Here: 40 Freelance Writers Share How They Find Clients, Stay Motivated, & Earn Well Today“. And guess what?

I’m one of those 40 freelance writers.

I’ve also been working feverishly on the publication of two works–one a work of fiction and the other a work of nonfiction.

My first novella, “Limerents in the Bog,” is currently on pre-order at Amazon and Kobo. Until March 25, 2015, it will be available for 99 cents. It will also be released as a print book through Createspace.

On the nonfiction front, you have only four more days to take advantage of the free review offer for my nonfiction book, “E-book Publishing: Create Your Own Brand of Digital Books“. This book is also currently being pre-sold on Amazon, Kobo, and Smashwords with a planned release date of April 15, 2015. And to top it off, it too will be available in print after that date.

It’s always a good sign of course to see your books ranking in the sales charts, but to see them ranking before they’ve even published is even better! Kobo currently has E-book Publishing: Create Your Own Brand of Digital Books ranked at #65 in the Nonfiction-Computers-Electronic Commerce category and #197 in two Business & Finance subcategories. I’m stoked.

Why You Want To Publish a Book Even If You Aren’t a Writer

Book publishing, like any other business, has undergone some significant changes over time. We’ve come a long way since the invention of the printing press, and I’m anxious to see how things change in the future. Digital technology has revolutionized publishing and turned authors of all sorts into successful entrepreneurs.

For one thing, e-book reading has finally come into its own. E-books aren’t just for your mom anymore.

Not only that, but self-publishing has lost its stigma. Thanks to publish-on-demand services and online bookstores like Amazon, Kobo, and the Apple iStore, more authors are being encouraged to go out on their own–both fiction and nonfiction.

If you are a recognized expert in your business specialty, self-publishing could be an additional revenue stream for you. The tools available online for DIY publishers are incredible and getting better all the time. Plus, the cost of production has gone down so much that it could be less expensive and more profitable to publish your own books and sell them through your website, your speaking engagements, and conferences.

There are very few reasons not to self-publish your nonfiction book this year. There are all kinds of reasons why you should.